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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Killers, "Smile Like You Mean It" video

Click here to see The Killers, "Smile Like You Mean It" video. I think these dudes are allright, and this song is by far my favorite from them. At first I didn't like them b/c I don't like that "Somebody Told Me" song, I thought it was lyrically a semi-ripoff of the classic Blur track "Girls & Boys" (I'm only half joking here, I just really don't like the song, the Killers song, I love the Blur song). Anyway this post makes me to ponder something, do we really need mascara (Brandon Flowers, one of the many) in rock and roll? I think not. Damn you Robert Smith, you're lucky you can play the guitar so fucking well, because you truly do look like a douche. I'm only saying.

editor's note: Year to date no one has joined (or shown any interest in joining) TPCWMJHCOF.


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