same as it ever was (talking heads)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

haven't posted in awhile, thought rising to the top, i'm not jerry seinfeld, you will be able to tell after this post

...thank god that we have now removed that pesky holding onto the cell phone. I can just stick the shit in my ear now, brilliant. My arm really hurt before and I didn't scare as many people as I do now because they could see that I was on the phone. Now everyone thinks I'm crazy, like I'm talking to Jesus or something, and I love it. The only problem is that the ear phones are still kinda big, I can't wait until they make one that is so small that it gets lost in my ear and I have to have major ear type surgery.

...everyone who works at my local dry cleaning shop is Asian, yet the name of the store is Rita's Cleaners, I don't know any Asian people named Rita (I would have been a early 90's observational comic demi-god of sorts, women would have fed me grapes, fanned me down, and given me foot massages, we would have all worn togas)

...I really think I'm going to start a segment where I make fun of all of the State quarters. Color this the first installment then, Wisconsin...let me explain, the quarter has a picture of a cow, a cheese wheel, and an ear of corn!!!! Don't I KNOW! I mean, it'd be impossible to choose which one of those things that I'd want to fuck first! Fucking cows, fuuugettaboutit, I love when they go moooooo. Cheese Wheels! Hot, so many different hole options to choose from. An ear of corn! It gets me so excited I can barely type. One more suggestion for the Wisconsin state quarter, it would have fallen in line perfectly, a three-hundy-75-lb-woman eating a chilli dog and ice cream cone at the same time...heaven.

...I had some more shit, I forgot it though, possibly for the best, that bit about the cleaners fucking KILLED though...


Blogger chiggers said...

Dear CGPop,

You are a doofus.

With poo,
lil' chiggs

Thursday, May 25, 2006 7:21:00 PM

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