same as it ever was (talking heads)

Monday, July 03, 2006

I ripped this idea off

editor's note: I got this idea from one of those Family Guy flashbacks. It's the one where they show how all of the vowels hate Y. Funny.

Doctor (X): Well, three www's congratulations.
Husband (L): Oh, fucking great! I fucking new it! They aren't even mine!
Wife (O): This is suppossed to be a happy time. Shut-up you bastard!
L: They're H's aren't they? Come out and say it! I know it, I should have figured as much.
O: I hate you!
L: Old college "friends" my ass. Sure, "we just go to museums together" how stupid could I have been.
O: Well you wouldn't go do anything cultural with me, what do you expect? Plus don't come off all high and mighty, I know what you've been up to with that hussie C. Don't think I don't know.
L: How are we suppossed to pay for this? I'm mortgagd to the hilt! I'm not going to make partner for at least 8 more years?
O: Maybe you could sell your Range Rover you selfish prick! Also cut down on your Vegas trips asshole.
L: You know I love the Rover, it's not going to happen. Don't bring Vegas into this, when else am I going to get some "Me" time. That's it, It's done, finished. I'll have Alberto (D, L's lawyer and co-worker at the firm) serve you up the papers. Good luck with tripletts and your liberal arts degree!

editor's note: The three w's went on to become huge as we all know. O lives in a manison in West Palm Beach, Fla. and L got murdered in Vegas.