same as it ever was (talking heads)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Someone bitched at me for not posting and someone wanted a lollapaloopa update so here you fuckers go I'm killing the proverbial two birds with...

Chicago and Lolla... was great I got to see a lot of sweet bands and fun as well, the weather held up it was mid 80's blah blah blah ok onto some highlights.

Definite early highlight was one of the dudes from the Eels. He was dressed and looked like a fucking Harley type biker dude and the first half of the show danced around and did karate moves the entire time. Kind of similar to the dude in Happy Monday's or the Bosstone dude in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, except this guy could have killed both of those dudes in under 4 seconds if he so felt the need. Closer to the end of the show he'd just say random shit into the mic and stand around and look mean and dead serious. Comic highlight of the weekend when he looked to the left of the stage pointed out and said, "HEY! Is that cocktail sauce?" for no apparent reason, I was laughing for a good 10 minutes or so. He eventually played the guitar on the last couple of songs.

Ryan Adams. Ok, here's the thing, I really like a bunch of his music, but he put on a lackluster first half of the set, and I was getting hungry (it was about 5 pm at this point). He then proceded to talk about eggs and how Chicago is an awesome city because you can get eggs after 11 pm. He then said shit like, "Why people be hatin on eggs?" etc etc etc, sounds like it may have been funny but totally sucked. I left after this and spent 9 bucks on vegtable lo mein and chicken on a stick dish. It would have been funny if he would have said, "Sam I Am down with the program, green eggs and ham, Yosemite Sam" (partial Beastie Boys "Egg Man" lyrics...actually funny I thought this exact thought after I gave up on RA and headed for food but it stuck in my mind long enough because I cell bombed one of my buddies at like 5 am est this same morning and he told me a couple days later that I was singing this on one of the multiple messages that I left). Side note. I'm fucking convinced that they sell food at these types of festivals that are 100% gauranteed to get you messy and pissed off. I had a fucking Gyro and the chicken on a stick and both of them were a fucking mess. Also I ruined a pair of my pants with grease stains from a Gyro at Bonnaroo.

My Morning Jacket. Only played an hour set but damn are these fuckers totally unbelievable. I'd pay upwards of 100 dollars to see them live at a smaller venue, they played a 3 hour set at Bonnaroo, one the three best live concert experiences of my life.

Sleater Kinny. They played and this was one of their last shows or something, didn't really pay attention b/c saw an old buddy from UGA and 4 of us who went there discussed college football the entire time drank a lot of beer as well (especially by this point in the evening)

Death Cab for Cutie. Wanted to see Ween but they were on the other side of the park and my friends wanted to see Death Cab, what are you going to do (I alreay saw an awesome 3 hour Ween show earlier this Spring in the A). Death cab was pretty good, I would have preferred to have seen Ween though (I already mentioned this).

Bands I saw I didn't really talk about on Friday. Cursive, not a huge fan, wasn't really converted. Stars, good show I was impressed. Iron & Wine, don't remember much was meeting friends who had been working up until that point of the day.

Ok this is a long post, I'll split up Saturday and Sunday into seperate posts...

editor's note: You bastards happy? Only kidding, well not in your case Lorie...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August ooooo six

changed the header, was going to do the movie quote from goodfellas where joe pesci is talking about his mom's painting maybe next month. the big lebowski is funny, that quote is funny, lost boys rule, i did a post about it below, going to chicago on thursday for lollapalooza, etc, etc,etcetcetc

Let me try this again

I just had an awesome post about how I watched Lost Boys back to back this weekend and what a good movie it is, it took about an hour and my computer locked up and it didn't post, so I'm kinda pissed, here's a consolidated version of that post...

Jamie Grrrrrrrtz: Hotter in this or Less than Zero? Impossible to tell. She couldn't act her way out of a Mento's commercial, but this isn't really the point now is it.

Feld-dog: robbed of best supporting actor in 87'. Impossible not to laugh at his every single line of dialog delivered in this movie. Inspired choice to play part time high school comic store book employee as grizzled Vietnam-vet type character.

Haimster: Never better. Made wearing a Jackson Pollock on acid shirt and long white linen coat look cool.

dude who plays the other Frog brother: haven't seen him before or since, but amazingly channeled Keanu Reeves somehow. convinced he was Feld-dog and Haimster's drinking buddy. Probably died of alcohol poisoning drinking at the Viper Room with FD and H soon after this movie was in the can.

Jack Bauer: David would have broken Jack Bauer's neck, drank his blood then fucked Star and that annoying cross eyed chick from 24.

other vampire dudes: Looked like a bunch of Poison roadies, tubular shit.

Max: Kind of a dork until he turned into a mean looking Vampire at the end. Nice evil plan to boot, starting a weird ass vampire family with Diane Weiss.

Jason Patric: Good actor. Bonus points for his turn on the Hurlihey SNL skit where he yells, "The boy wants his dog back, you Nazi son-of-a-bitch!" Bonus points taken away for Speed 2.

Grandpa: Anyone who uses Windex as after shave and still gets laid is alright in my book.

Soundtrack: INXS, Echo and the Bunnymen and "Thou Shall Not Kill" song, kick-ass.

Twist Ending: Grandpa knew about all the damned vampires in Santa Carla, never saw that one coming, inspired such films as Usual Suspects and Fight Club, I'm convinced.

Vampires in general: Much cooler than mummies and frankenstein's monsters

editor's note: shout out to the art department or director or whoever decided to put the Rob Lowe poster on the Haimster's closet door. A moment too funny for me to do justice for in type.