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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Eckersley part 1/4...10-28-06 NYC Halloween party

You must simply scroll down to see Dennis here deliver a nasty what I may presume as a...let's say...slider. I was up in New York this past weekend for Halloween festivities and my friend has some good pictures but this one takes the cake. I'm not even sure who the dude in this picture is, the only thing I know is that these pictures are fucking hilarious, and that's all that matters. Also if you ever get a chance to party in the NYC for it.

Eckersley part 2/4

Eckersley part 3/4

Eckersley part 4/4

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Don Hughes/Johnny Ballon movie pitch (#8)

A Feld-dog and Haimster buddy of yet untitled

JB: Back from the dead
DH: With commerce on our mind, commerce is another name for us, or movies that we fucking make, movie-movies if you so must call them. Also now called commerce.
JB: Course sweethearts, look up commerce in the OED, picture of me and Don, it was only a matter of time.
DH: Yeah, not much of a suprise, knew it would happen. A bit suprising it happened while we were on hiatus though, no matter I'm sure everyone is dying to hear what we did while of vacation.
JB: Oh yeah, good times had by all. It's great to get out of L.A. for a bit, the vampire set can get a tad repetive after awhile. I personally packed my shit up and moved to Nam, Vietnam. After playing the russian roulet circuit, I moved down the river a bit and set up a well...I guess some people might call it a cult, but I liked to refer to it as "Johnny's People". Fucking fantastic times, you wouldn't believe how many sycophants actually transplanted from right here in Hollywood to join me. Fucking actors, anything to get a bit part in one of next blockbusters. Mix them in with some natives and you have a lethal combination of desperation, hunger, malaria, cannibalism, and crucifixtion to please anyone for a 3 month period. Sure I put on a couple hundred pounds and made everyone call me Colonel Johnny Kurtz but I'm doing yoga, pilates, circuit training, ultimate fighting, triathalon work, acupuncture, trepanation, push-ups, and am eating only South Beach diet themed microwavable food to back in tip top shape. People often ask me since I've been back, "colonel Johnny do you miss drinking the virgin blood?" I have a standard response..."What the fuck dumb-ass, do you think that's really V-8 in my fridge?" Anyhow, everyone needs a nice vacation.
DH: Couldn't have said it better myself. I played much more close to the vest during my time off. I stayed here and went all Howard Hughes, I still have yet to cut my finger and toe nails, and seriously doubt I ever will though, the pussy loves it, or maybe they don't, I could actually care less. Onto magic time...

editor's note: to be continued, also a side-note DH and JB posts are usually done in green the color of money...not anymore, now they are in red, Don and Johnny have so much cash from their previous ventures they are starting to print their own currency, it'll soon rival *at least* the Euro...

Saturday, October 14, 2006


oh yeah look out for a don hughes and johnny ballon.......................................................................................................................................................................................................production

possibly a true story, or at least a spring break vaaaaaaacaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Potential pickup line for a future lesbian love interest

"Hey let's chill back at my place, grab some beers and watch the first 2/3 of Chasing Amy"

editor's note: The previous post wasn't elaborate, it was hopefully irreverant though. I was going to post some shit in during my hiatus but I didn't...don't know why, I guess I just needed a break (hopefully I'm back, for my mental sake) I think my most promising idea would have been a soliloquy where I posed as Pluto (former planet) and got pissed that I was downgraded to a dwarf planet. How the fuck does even happen? Scientifically speaking? A possible highlight may have been..."Are you kidding me a dwarf planet? I'm immediately firebombing all the fucking Starbucks on my surface. I fucked your moon up the ass!"

I really want too

snort me some of that high speed intenet...

editor's note: I don't know if this is a regional or national commercial but have you dudes seen this shit? Dude rubs some high speed internet on his hands and washes like a 1,000 dishes and what not? Awesomeness. Underusedterm...this is an elaborate irreverant joke

October...I miss you fuckers...I heart October

I'm going to try to step up shit has been lacking (it possibly always has) but fuck it, I'm tenatively back and shit what ever the fuck that means. I like the Stills, their first album is stellar. I was luke warm to cold on offering dos...yet after some more spins there are a couple of keepers witch (notice intentionally incorrect October themed spelling?) leads me to my point, I really like the song I quoted here. I think the header means something, intersting lyric, fuck waiting, that's what they mean, I totally, we'll see how this shit all shakes out.