same as it ever was (talking heads)

Friday, December 15, 2006

i cannot keep up, i try, yet i cannot,

1. my favorite album of the year is Destroy's Rubies destroyer...quite addictive, Bejar is a genius

2. Talk to la Bomb brazilian girls by brazilian girls

editor's note: I feel this has been an off year in music, but i cannot keep up, i try, yet i cannot, so i may be off, there was some other good shit i purchased but the above definitely stood out to me...aughtsix was still probably better than let's say like 98'. this is my end of the year music review, not really too in depth, kinda slack ass, but i'm keeping up a cultgoespopthemrehere: 2007 new's years resolution to be less self depricating_killing multiple, like 1x2 penguins with crack (rawk). meaning don't expect a new year's resolution type or themed or type post.

there is a nascar "fragrance"

possible ad campaign slogan

"I smell like burnt rubber
and tears from my lover"

I realize this is gross generalization but I'll make it because there shouldn't be a nascar fragrence

Friday, December 08, 2006

blog. blog i said (take that C&C music factory song and replace danse with blog, a post relating to the origin of this blog's name)

I think I've mentioned this before (maybe not, but I think I briefly brought it up one time not a full explanation) but look at my September 2006 archieve (actually don't) so if I have two posts in one day bare with me. The origin of cultgoespop (name)...

Double Entandre (don't know if that's how you spell it I hate spell check you get the picture)

The name is a double entandre, which means that it in actuality has two meanings yet it is one phrase, or idea, or word? Can a word be a double Ent... don't know if that qualifies? I know a word can have two (or 345etc) different meanings but I don't think it can be a doubleE. Anyway, the 2 meanings.

1. It means culture goes popular, and I am mainly referring to Tara Reid tit popping out of her dress type "culture" like as in "popular culture" becoming mainstream popular. Will middle school kids 50 years from now study this shit in history books? One can only hope.

2. Secondly it means or could mean like an actual Heaven's Gate or Dave Koresh type cult going "pop" as in they like all die or kill themselves. This is a bit more morbid take on the name I suppose but fuck it, if you're going to dress in all black and wear those stupid ass black Nike's with the purple swoosh and listen to some dude who looks like that main Schlopek neighbor in the Burbs you deserve to kill yourself and die, I have no remorse for you.

Finally, I always kind of either consciously or sub-consciously try in some way to tie the ramblings of my post together, whether it's blatently evident or not. I can't really write which makes blogging a great medium for me, but I really respect people who can without spelling out their point to the masses, writers who make people think...Anyway my tie-in with this explanation and post is that in my first definition of the name I mentioned an event that took place in popular culture to describe the definition so it goes together. Secondly I tried to tie things together by mentioning that C&C Music Factory song in the title of this blog. I then mentioned people killing themselves or people in cults. All people who actually like C&C Music Factory HAVE to be in a cult, and should immediatley kill themselves.

Monday, December 04, 2006

First Blood Part 2? Let's work on this

This past Friday evening on AMC, I was lucky enough to view one of the greatest cinematic acheivements of the 20th century. Yes, I was lucky enough to catch about the last hour or so of Rambo: First Blood Part 2! I make partial fun of this now, but I bet I watched this movie at least 30 times when I was growing up in the 80's. Rambo is the fucking man, his general disregard to pig feces and leetches, I bet he actually enjoyed being stuck in the all that shit. To the rat killing and electrocution, to the most amazing feat in the history of man kind...the jump out of the river onto the helicopter. Michael Jordan is a lucky man that John Rambo was into being an unsocial ex-Vietnam vet with unintelligible social skills, I don't care if he is only 5'5", Rambo would have shut Jordan down, the river jump onto the helicoptor proves this (if you have no clue what I speak of too bad, fascinating stuff, 10.0 on the rictor scale of unintentional humor). Anyway let me get to my point although this movie still kicks ass (mostly for the wrong reasons now) I was always perplexed by the name, even at a young age. The problem of course is the name First Blood Part 2 doesn't make any sense. Below I'm going to offer up some alternative names for the title of this film.

1. Rambo: Second Blood
2. Rambo: First Blood, Again
3. Rambo: First Blood, well actually, no, not technically First Blood
4. Rambo: First Blood Part 2...wait, we can't name it that. Why? Because it doesn't make any sense. The word First implies that it was the actual initial time an event happened, calling something first and then adding the lame part 2 does nothing to correct that problem, it just makes us look stupid. Well fine then, if you guys name it that I want my executive producer title taken off the movie, no I still want to get paid, I just don't want to associated with that idiotic name. I told you guys hiring Frank Stallone to name this thing was going to be a bad idea.

Friday, December 01, 2006


I really hope it snows this year down here.

I also hope that I can get some of friends together for some type of Christmas play. I hope they put me in charge of getting the tree. I hope I find a lower budget level tree and bring it back to the gang. I then hope the gang hates it and berates me and says shit like, "dude, that tree sucks cultgoespop, you can't do anything right!". Then I hope that my one friend *Linonel* says something really spiratually uplifting and Christmaslly-themed inspirational to the gang and they forgive me. I then would like to see all of the gang gather around the tree and rub their hands as if they were in front of a fire and see my shitty lower budgeted tree turn into a somewhat respectable tree (this is performed by some type of voodoo I presume...Charlie Brown and the rest of the gangs parents were heavy into voodoo, that's why they talked like they did...oh fuck, I just gave away my ruse). I then hope that me and the red-headed girl have a threesome with Lucy.

Happy holidays to all