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Friday, December 08, 2006

blog. blog i said (take that C&C music factory song and replace danse with blog, a post relating to the origin of this blog's name)

I think I've mentioned this before (maybe not, but I think I briefly brought it up one time not a full explanation) but look at my September 2006 archieve (actually don't) so if I have two posts in one day bare with me. The origin of cultgoespop (name)...

Double Entandre (don't know if that's how you spell it I hate spell check you get the picture)

The name is a double entandre, which means that it in actuality has two meanings yet it is one phrase, or idea, or word? Can a word be a double Ent... don't know if that qualifies? I know a word can have two (or 345etc) different meanings but I don't think it can be a doubleE. Anyway, the 2 meanings.

1. It means culture goes popular, and I am mainly referring to Tara Reid tit popping out of her dress type "culture" like as in "popular culture" becoming mainstream popular. Will middle school kids 50 years from now study this shit in history books? One can only hope.

2. Secondly it means or could mean like an actual Heaven's Gate or Dave Koresh type cult going "pop" as in they like all die or kill themselves. This is a bit more morbid take on the name I suppose but fuck it, if you're going to dress in all black and wear those stupid ass black Nike's with the purple swoosh and listen to some dude who looks like that main Schlopek neighbor in the Burbs you deserve to kill yourself and die, I have no remorse for you.

Finally, I always kind of either consciously or sub-consciously try in some way to tie the ramblings of my post together, whether it's blatently evident or not. I can't really write which makes blogging a great medium for me, but I really respect people who can without spelling out their point to the masses, writers who make people think...Anyway my tie-in with this explanation and post is that in my first definition of the name I mentioned an event that took place in popular culture to describe the definition so it goes together. Secondly I tried to tie things together by mentioning that C&C Music Factory song in the title of this blog. I then mentioned people killing themselves or people in cults. All people who actually like C&C Music Factory HAVE to be in a cult, and should immediatley kill themselves.


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