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Friday, March 16, 2007

Damn I'm good at Trivia...and it makes me :(

Do you know who Bayside High's rival High School is? Do ya...huh? It's Valley High. I pulled that out of my ass last night in Trivia. As the song started can't remeber what it was probably something cheesey and 80's I started in on the merits of Saved by the Bell to my buddy. I was shocked to see that he wasn't even a casual fan. He was born late 70's same as me, wheel-house demographic for Saved. Anyway, I been reading up on Saved by the Bell on Wikipedia just a few months earlier (Mr. fucking cool incarnate)and I'm not sure if this nugget subliminally stuck in my head or what but here's kinda how the conversation went...

HIM: Saved by the Bell? Don't have a clue
ME: Dude, you don't like Saved by the Bell?
HIM: (Gives me blank awkward stare, when it should have been me giving him blank awkward stare since he doesn't like Saved by the Bell, so I in turn give him blank awkward stare) dude, no I never really watched it. So what are we guessing here, don't have a clue?
ME: Well shit, let me see here, Saved by the Bell was set in California soooo, it's something like, fuck man, I can't remember
HIM: Let's put a stupid answer, like some kind of seeing for the blind school.
ME: Excuse me but are we in second grade? I'm a bit more mature than that at my current age. Let me brain-storm some more here so we don't have to resort to juvenile tactics to get cheap laughs. Grow up man. (This is a lie, actually I didn't say any of that, I just laughed)
HIM: Got anything better than that
(crazy cheesey-ass 2-minute 80's keyboard solo about to end, one can only assume, meaning time is getting short)
ME: Valley High? This is a guess, doubt it is it, but it has California overtones?
HIM: Either that or the blind and deaf school
ME: It's not right but give it a shot...

But it was RIGHT! Looking back on it today though, I feel melancholy. What if all the useless information floating around in my head was actually dedicated to something worth-while? Would we have a cure for cancer? People on Mars? Would Oprah Winfrey be dead? The world will never know...